Matcha Tea Ceremony Set & Gift Boxes


Experience the Authentic Matcha Tea Ceremony with Our Matcha Sets and Gift Kits

Discover Tranquility with Our Traditional Matcha Ceremony Sets

The Matcha tea ceremony, a cornerstone of Japanese tradition, symbolizes calm, respect, and tranquility. Our Matcha ceremony sets and gift kits, crafted from high-quality bamboo, invite you to immerse yourself in this enriching and spiritual experience.

Explore Our Diverse Selection of Matcha Sets for All Preferences

Choose from a variety of Matcha sets designed to meet every need. From a basic three-piece Matcha set with a Matcha whisk to a comprehensive eight-piece Matcha set complete with a Matcha whisk, tea bowl, and tea tray, we have the perfect setup for every Matcha enthusiast. Each set reflects traditional Japanese aesthetics and is available in various colors and designs.

Artisan Craftsmanship in Bamboo and Ceramic Matcha Sets

Each piece in our Matcha sets is crafted from natural bamboo, valued for its durability, sustainability, and beauty, which adds a natural and authentic touch to your Matcha ceremony. The ceramic Matcha bowls we offer are individually crafted to bring a unique artisan touch to your Matcha experience.

Perfect Matcha Gift Boxes for Tea Lovers

Our Matcha gift boxes are the ideal present for tea aficionados. Whether it's a set featuring a wooden Matcha bowl, an earthenware Matcha bowl, or a cherry blossom-themed Matcha box, each gift box is an invitation to delve into the art of Matcha.

Enhance Your Ceremony with Bamboo Matcha Tea Trays

Our bamboo Matcha tea trays are essential for a neat and stylish presentation. Not only do they help organize your Matcha accessories, but they also add a layer of elegance to your Matcha tea table.

Immerse Yourself in the Japanese Matcha Tradition

Our Matcha ceremony sets and gift kits allow you to dive deep into Japanese culture. Whether you are an experienced tea connoisseur or a beginner, these Matcha sets offer a chance to explore and honor the ritual of Matcha.

Additional Matcha Set Options:

  • [A] Three-piece Matcha tea pot set
  • [B] Matcha tea bowl tea pot three-piece set
  • [C] Matcha tea table tea pot five-piece set
  • [D] Cherry blossom Matcha tea pot six-piece set
  • [E] Bamboo tray Matcha tea pot seven-piece set
  • [F] Wooden bowl purple bamboo Matcha tea bowl gift box seven-piece set
  • [G] Earthenware beauty purple bamboo Matcha tea bowl gift box seven-piece set
  • [H] Cherry blossom Matcha box tea bowl gift box eight-piece set
  • [I] Lotus bowl Matcha box tea bowl eight-piece set

Engage with the profound and detailed art of the Matcha tea ceremony through our specially designed Matcha sets and gift kits, created to enhance your experience with this ancient Japanese tradition.

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