"Tīpotto" Large-Capacity Japanese Teapot


"Tīpotto": A Large-Capacity Japanese Teapot, Blending Tradition and Modernity

The "Tīpotto", our large-capacity Japanese teapot, is a tribute to the ancestral ritual of Japanese tea, reinterpreted with a contemporary touch. Ideal for tea enthusiasts, it combines functionality and aesthetics, making every tea ceremony memorable.

Diverse Design for Every Preference

The "Tīpotto" comes in three different styles: the traditional "Seigaiha" pattern, a sleek black, and an elegant hand-painted white (same design as our best-seller ramen). These varied designs offer a choice for every preference, adding a touch of sophistication to your table.

High-Quality Ceramic: Durability and Elegance

Crafted from superior quality ceramic, the "Tīpotto" is resistant to high temperatures, ensuring long-lasting and safe use. Its hand-painted surface underlines the authenticity of Japanese craftsmanship, making each teapot a unique work of art.

Practical and Versatile

Microwave and dishwasher safe, the "Tīpotto" is designed to adapt to modern life. Whether for daily use or special ceremonies, it meets all requirements.

"Tīpotto": A Nod to Traditional Japanese Tea

The name "Tīpotto" is inspired by the English word "teapot," a Western touch that pays homage to the universality of tea. This teapot is an invitation to celebrate the art of tea, bridging cultures and eras.

Ideal for Social Gatherings or Solitary Moments

With its large capacity, the "Tīpotto" is perfect for sharing the joy of tea with loved ones or for enjoying a moment of solitude. It is equally suited for family gatherings and solitary tea breaks, bringing warmth and comfort.

A Centerpiece in the Art of Japanese Table Setting

The "Tīpotto" is not just a functional utensil; it is also a centerpiece in the art of Japanese table setting. By choosing this teapot, you opt for a product that combines luxury, design, and tradition.

The "Tīpotto" Large-Capacity Japanese Teapot is the perfect blend of traditional Japanese tea culture and modern elegance. It is ideal for those looking to enhance their tea experience with a teapot that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and rich in history.

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