Bamboo Sushi Tool Set "Japan at Home"


Bamboo Sushi Tool Set 'Japan at Home'

Embrace the Art of Sushi Making

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Japanese cuisine with our Bamboo Sushi Tool Set "Japan at Home". This comprehensive set is designed to provide everything you need to create authentic sushi right in your own kitchen. From nigiri to maki, and beyond, this sushi tool set turns any home cook into a sushi master.

Bamboo Chopsticks

Complete your sushi dining experience with our 22.5cm bamboo chopsticks. Crafted with precision and balance, these chopsticks offer a comfortable grip, perfect for savoring your homemade sushi creations or any Japanese delicacy. They're a staple in every Japanese tableware collection.

Durable Sushi Spoon

Our 20x6cm sushi spoon is a versatile tool in any sushi-making endeavor. Whether you're spreading sushi rice on your nori or portioning out ingredients, this sushi spoon ensures every roll is perfectly proportioned.

Precision Sushi Blade

The 17x3cm sushi blade in our set is a sushi chef's dream. This wooden blade ensures clean, smooth cuts for every type of sushi, from maki to nigiri. Experience the precision of a professional Japanese sushi restaurant right in your home kitchen.

Bamboo Sushi Curtain

Master the art of sushi rolling with our 24x22.5cm bamboo sushi curtain. This essential tool helps shape your sushi rolls, ensuring tight, even rolls every time. It's easy to clean and store, making it a practical addition to any sushi-making kit.

Experience the Authenticity of Japanese Sushi

The Bamboo Sushi Tool Set "Japan at Home" is not just a collection of tools, but an invitation to delve into Japanese cooking culture. Whether you're a seasoned sushi chef or a sushi-making novice, this set will guide you on your journey to crafting delectable, restaurant-quality sushi. It's the perfect addition to any Japanese kitchenware collection, blending functionality, authenticity, and elegance in one. Experience the artistry of sushi making with our premium, Japanese-inspired sushi tool set.

Product Category: Kitchen gadget set
Chopsticks: 225CM
Spoon: 20 * 6CM
Sushi blade: 17 * 3CM
Sushi curtain: 24 * 22.5CM

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